Where can I get an MOT?

Whether your current MOT certificate is due to expire in a few days, weeks or a few months, it's important to get an MOT check booked in as soon as possible

Since the MOT extensions were put in place as a result of Covid-19 in 2020, there is still an ongoing backlog of drivers waiting for their car or van to be seen by a mechanic, so you will need to book in advance to ensure you're seen before the expiry date on your MOT certificate.

Driving without a valid MOT is a motoring offence that can land you with a fine of up to £2,500, points on your driving licence or even disqualification depending on how severe your case is.

So how do you go about finding the best and most affordable place to book your MOT near you? We tell you in our guide below.

The best places to get an MOT

Firstly, the condition of your car or van is going to determine what type of repairs will need to be carried out (minor, moderate, major) and therefore what type of garage to take it to for an MOT.

Of course, if you know your vehicle is in excellent condition and there's no way you expect it to fail the MOT test, you can look for the cheapest deal with a garage near you or book in with your local council MOT test centre if you think there may be minor issues, but if you think your vehicle requires specific repairs or has severe problems, you will need to find a garage that offers these types of repairs at an affordable price.

When you do find a garage or test centre that offers a range of repairs at a starting price you're happy with, make sure you let them know about any issues with your vehicle when making the booking.

Online comparison site - Book My Garage

To help save you time and money, an easier option would be to use a handy tool like that offered by Book My Garage.

On this website, you can compare MOT deals from trusted garages near you in order to make a more informed and budget-friendly decision.

  1. Start by entering your vehicle's registration
  2. Choose what type of service you need; vehicle safety check, MOT, interim service, etc. If you know what problems you have with your vehicle, you can even select the types of repairs that need doing, which will help narrow down your search even further.
  3. Enter your postcode
  4. Click the button below to compare instant deals and prices straight away

Once you've completed these steps, you'll instantly be presented with a list of deals and prices from trusted garages in different areas near you. Each deal will tell you how far away it is from your postcode, helping you identify the nearest place if that's the most important thing for you.

On top of this, each deal will give you more information regarding the next available date for appointments, the benefits of using the garage and the costs for different types of services they offer.

You also have the option of reading reviews to help with your decision, and if you want to fine tune your search even further, simply tweak the information in the filters section on the left-hand screen if you're using a computer or if you're on your mobile, you'll see an orange filter icon at the top-left of the screen.

Find an MOT garage near me

Tap the button below to get started using Book My Garage's handy tool and find the best MOT test centre for your budget and needs:

How much does an MOT cost?

By doing a quick search on Book My Garage, the price of an MOT ranges from between £30 and £50, depending on whether you need a service as well. Some may even offer a free vehicle safety check on top of your MOT.

The price will vary from place to place across the UK, but this is the price range you want to try and stay in when comparing deals online.

Book My Garage also shows the approximate costs for different types of repairs - simply click on the deal and it will show more information regarding the services on offer as well as the cost.

And remember that while you may find a cheap deal for an MOT, you may face more costs when the mechanics have completed the check due to repairs or faults.

Council test centres

A lot of councils in the UK have their own MOT testing facility for the council's vehicles, like buses, vans and ambulances, etc. While it is open for council vehicle repairs, it is also open to the public so you can book a test here, but bear in mind that they generally won't repair anything should your vehicle have problems. If your car is in need of repairs, they will tell you to get them sorted elsewhere, and remember, if your car fails its MOT, you cannot drive it, so you might end up having to pay for your car or van to be towed to your nearest garage that will get it back to a roadworthy condition.

Understandably, this can be a bit of a long-winded and costly process - you may as well take it to a garage that can do any repairs there for you - especially if you know it will need to have repairs in the first place.

Having said this, council test centres are fine for cars that need an MOT but don't have any issues, and they are an affordable option, too. According to MoneySavingExpert, most drivers who get a council MOT find that their vehicle needs fewer repairs than if they went to another garage.

What do you need to take with you?

Once you've found a good deal and booked your MOT check, all you need to do is remember the date and turn up on time.

You don't actually need to take any documents or information with you as the garage should have all the necessary information.

If you're unsure, however, simply ask the garage when making the MOT booking and they'll be able to tell you what you need to take with you on the day, if anything.

Not sure if your vehicle will pass its MOT? - What to do

If you don't know what condition your vehicle is in before your MOT appointment, you can do a simple check with us at Will It Pass to find out more about its history.

This will help you get a better idea as to whether or not your car or van will pass its MOT check and it will encourage you to carry out some simple vehicle checks yourself beforehand to avoid failing your MOT tests and incurring further costs after your MOT.

Once you know more about your vehicle, it'll also help you make the decision as to which place or garage you should go to get your valid MOT certificate.

Get started with us today by tapping the button below, and don't forget to use Book My Garage's handy tool to get the best price for your MOT.

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