Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Getting Your MOT

Covid-19 MOT extension has now ended

You need to get an MOT for your vehicle in line with the renewal date as usual.

Do not take your vehicle to an MOT centre in person if:

If you cannot take your vehicle in person:

If you cannot get your vehicle collected or taken in for you, you must wait until you're no longer self-isolating to take it into a test centre.


What were the rules last year?

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the lasting impact it had on daily lives, MOTs that were due to expire on 30th March 2020 - or MOTs that were scheduled after this date were extended by 6 months.

These changes did not apply to MOTs that were due to be carried out on or before 29th March 2020.

This MOT change applied to cars, motorcycles, light vans and other light vehicles.

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